Friday, December 28, 2012

This is NOT an endorsement.

We got the trio that "As seen on TV" fortune cookie maker for Christmas...oh Lord. It takes 20-25 minutes to make FOUR freaking cookies. You would be better off to make an entire batch of sugar cookies and let your kiddos go nuts with frosting and sprinkles.

I had to take pictures, I was positive this would be the first and only time we use this contraption LOL.

Jason and I were both surprised that the kids stuck with it....even seemed excited. I was bored to tears.

Everyone got a turn to make their 1 cookie. Did I mention how absurd this thing is?

Now they sit for 15 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to leave the kitchen. The kids stayed and watched the magic not happen Hehehe.

Then they finally got to decorate their cookie.

Then the moment that they had been waiting 25 minutes for....they each got to eat their 1 cookie, which had broken in the drying process. 
If I haven't made your mind up and you still wish to try it for yourself, I know where you can get one for new condition only used once :)
Jericho's Bday party is in a couple days...can't wait to get all his Sesame Street stuff put up! Love these goodie bags, thanks to Pinterest!

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Wendy said...

Ha!! I've not heard of that cookie maker things, but man! What a bust!