Friday, December 14, 2012

What a horrible sad day.

I don't have the words, clear thoughts or writing prowess to write what I am thinking and feeling well enough to convey just how deeply my heart is hurting. Today 20 little kids, between the ages of just 6 and 7 years old, were killed in their class rooms at school. 6 adults and the shooter were also killed.

Our entire nation is reeling from this awful thing that happened today.
I know there will never be an answer to "why?" Even if there was it would never make such a disgusting and senseless tragedy make sense. Even still, I can't help but ponder why, why would a 20 year old go on a killing spree....killing not only his own mother, but 20 innocent babies.
Tears ran down my face numerous times today as I couldn't help but put myself in the shoes of those poor parents. I feel so sad for their huge loss. Something like this would just empty me.
I was so glad the triplets were not in school today. There would have been nothing that could have held me back from going and getting them. Now how the hell am I going to ever let them go out our front door ever again. The world is so unsafe, Mother Nature is harsh we really have to help her?

I could not help but hug and kiss and practically smother my kids with love today. I never let it slip my mind that the parents of those 20 kids will never get to hug or kiss their kids ever again.
I am not an overly religious person...but I sure hope there is a God and Angels, and that they were there with those precious babies today. I hope they weren't scared or in pain...oh man :(

I am so thankful that tonight my house is a mess, I had to read 3 stories and get bed time drinks, my bathroom stinks because little boys have terrible aim, my TV is always on some kids show, my windows are covered in crafts, my couch has a new hole and my walls have some crayon art. How lucky am I.
Kids are such a beautiful gift, it is beyond wrong and unfair when they are taken from us before their time. Treasure every moment.
I really wish I knew just what was going on with people. Why these things seem to be happening more often. Why for such an advanced and intelligent being we can't seem to learn to be kind and loving to each other. How can all the tragedies of the past just go in one ear and out the other. When will we learn to exist together in peace...will we ever?
My heart hurts...just so wrong and senseless. My thoughts and love go out to everyone touched by violence...when will it stop. If a full out stop is too much to ask, can we at least leave innocent children out of it...that is just too dark even for us humans who seem quite comfortable with taking lives.

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