Saturday, December 8, 2012

Milk and cookies make it all better!

Our favorite photog was doing a little Santa shoot this year at a local museum. Since we hadn't done our usual mall Santa photos yet, and we have had to be in the pictures with the kids the last two years, we thought we would give her a try. We were hoping that seeing a familiar face and a less crazy atmosphere would help.
The kiddos checked out the little museum while Santa was getting ready.

I am so glad to say the trio did AWESOME this tears and no need for Mom and Dad to be in the pics!!!
They love Amanda!
Not sure if it was the comfy PJ's we decided to have them wear this year. Or the milk and cookies we tossed in for fun. Or that it was a much quieter place. Or that they just outgrew freaking out on Santa, but they had a great time and I can't wait to get the photos back!!!
Back home...Percy chilling in today's spot. I have now realized he is a little bitty pain in the ass. I have almost forgot to move him twice. Both times I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night, when I somehow remembered I hadn't moved him, and set him up on a new perch.
The kids LOVE their new PJ's...they wanted to wear them the rest of the day. Then when we wanted to put them in something else for bed Hayden argued with us. She said "But little kids sleep in pajamas." We told her that's right they do. Then she said "And these are pajamas." We said yes, they are. So then she hit us with "We are little kids and these are pajamas, so we should sleep in these pajamas." We had to hand it to her, it was a good she won. 

We talked to the kids about what to do in an emergency a little today. Most of it I am sure just went in one ear and out the is for sure a conversation you need to have like weekly so they can hear it often enough to grasp it.
We also started some new stranger danger talks and demonstrations today. We showed the trio how to sit down on their butts, kick and scream "Stranger Danger" & "call the police," if someone tries to kidnap them. Haddie and Lily were very interested in the demonstrations, Xan got very emotional and scared. Hopefully more practice will help.
I want to find videos of kids being taught this stuff to show them, so they can see how other kids do loud they scream and how hard they kick.
Why was I on a safety and emergency kick you may ask, of course I know you should go over these things with your kids often but I also had a totally sleepless night last night thanks to me trying to watch The Walking Dead season 2. When will I learn there are some people who can watch Zombie shows, and there are some people who can't. I made it through season one, barely, but I just can't get through season 2. I hate that something so silly freaks me out so much, I think having 4 little kids is a big part of my fears. If it was just me and Jason I would be like bring it on....but to try and get 4 small kids through some sort of huge disaster just scares the shit out of me.
Hayden sure needs to work on not smiling so much when she is being kidnapped LOL. 

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