Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas to me!!!

I got to celebrate my Christmas a little early this year! Not only am I the proud new owner of my very first Scentsy warmer...and the lovely Luna scent.
I am also the very proud new owner of my first DSLR camera...a Nikon D5100! Look at all the goodies it came with too!
Isn't she perrtttyyy :) I am so excited, and more than a little intimidated to be honest LOL. The last pic with my little point and shoot...good thing too because the poor camera was on its last leg.
My first pics with the Nikon. I can already tell I totally need a class.
You never see this kid angry. He had a good reason...every picture I take looks like shit. How can my crappy point and shoot pictures look so much better than these???

I also can't seem to not catch someone, usually Xander, in a blink. Seriously how can I not have any of these troubles with the point and shoot and now with a 10 times better camera everything is coming out like crap. Boo :(
Xander blinked in EVERY single picture...eventually he started trying to hold his eyes open LOL. Oh I hope this will get better Hahaha.


Christine Roosa said...

Hey ... how's the new camera???

Read this and thought of you immediately.

TripMomma said...

Thanks for that link...very helpful! I think I am stumbling my way through, the pics are not at all up to what the camera can do...but they are getting better little by little. I really do hope to take a class sometime in the not too distant future.
How are you...hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

Wendy said...

Want a tip or two? hehe When you're shooting them, DON'T USE YOUR FLASH~
They're blinking more now bc the flash is more powerful. Also, make sure you're down on their level and with your kit lens, don't zoom out further than about 24mm or 35mm- otherwise their little faces get a bit distorted unless you're farther away from them :) I'll seriously give you my number and talk you through stuff :)

TripMomma said...

Hahaha thanks Wendy! I was just waiting for the Holiday's to be over then I was going to bug you with all kinds of questions ;)

I have already stopped using the flash, I think I remember you saying that before. It makes the coloring of things all icky too.

So glad to have such a talented friend I can turn to...thanks.