Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pinterest wins and failures.

Now that Christmas is over, that means it is just about time for Jericho's birthday party. I can't wait for the new year....the last 3 months of this one has been a whirlwind and I am ready for some peace LOL.

Saw this idea on Pinterest...such cute goodie bags for Little Man's party.

Now for the Pinterest fail. I saw a beautiful photo of a Christmas tree all light up in a dark room with two kids standing in front of it kind of shadowed. We planned to take the tree down tonight so I jumped right on the idea. I had to get my camera manual to figure out how to change the settings. I don't think I got it quite right LOL. Will have to try it again next year...when hopefully I will be better with my camera, and the kiddos will be better at standing still Hahaha.

The closest I got....not even near to the original.

Then they just get worse...neat, but not what I was going for. Guess I should have called my photo guru...WENDY, what did I do wrong??? :)

Meh that's OK...Jason and I got a laugh at me. I kept yelling, playfully, at the kids to hold still, turn around and stare at the tree, don't move, get closer to the was pretty funny, even if the pictures didn't turn out.


Wendy said...

ahah! The kids need to be still as stone. Your shutter speed is going to be super low- like 1/6, ISO needs to be around 500 or better, then open your f-stop to as wide as you can (the lowest number you can get). You're also going to want to set the camera on a tri-pod or table or something because you're going to get mad camera shake with a shutter speed that low :) Practice twinkle lights with something that doesn't move. Also, I still lick balls with silhouettes, it's challenging for me, but I'm getting it.

TripMomma said...

Thanks Wendy....I will see what I can do on the still kids part :) Hehehe!