Monday, December 10, 2012

Crafty Christmas gifts.

The littles helped me make some Christmas gifts today.
This first one they did a little ingredient pouring. We made some homemade sugar scrubs, body...not face.
They were super easy to make...and, bonus, I already had everything I needed without taking a trip to the store.

Just dump it all in a bowl and mix!
I used 2-3 cups of plain granulated white sugar (used brown sugar in one instead of's awesome too, added an equal amount of raw oats to that one too.) A tsp of Vanilla extract and a tsp cinnamon, made it smell yummy. 1/4 cup sea works as a preservative. Then add a light colored oil (I had olive on had...I have seen many made with coconut oil I bet that is even better) until the mixture feels like damp sand. I used a little food coloring to make them a little festive. As long as you don't get water or anything in the jar, the scrub should be good for 6-8 weeks.

Then we moved on to a more hands on craft...har har har. I bought some fabric paint and plain pot holders a while back, finally made my Pinterest pin...they turned out great. The kiddos had fun decorating them with Santa's, reindeer, Christmas trees, Holly and snowflakes. This paint in not washable so be careful.
Xander's green hair was not thanks to this project...but from something they did at school today.

My little photog in training Xander took it upon himself to snap a bunch of pics of me helping Jericho. He is getting better!

Jericho is much more cooperative these days.

All done!


Heidi said...

Those are awesome crafts with the kids!! The gifts will be very much appreciated.

TripMomma said...

I hope so, thanks Heidi!