Monday, December 3, 2012

I love great quotes.

I have found the center piece to my future canvas wall! My fellow triplet Momma friend, and very talented photographer took this amazing picture, I found a quote that I love on so many levels and fits so amazing with the beautiful photo. Thank you Kristi Michelle...can't wait to get this one is gorgeous!
When Jason went in to check on the kiddos before we headed to bed he found three of the four like this. LOL silly kids. I'm not sure what is more awesome, Jericho trying to share a twin mattress with Haddie or Xander not even close to his own bed on the floor.
Lily Bug, of course Princess is up in her bed...nice and comfy.

Thankfully no one woke up when we moved them to their proper stations.
Percy has been having a great time moving from place to place, haven't gotten too crazy with him yet...soon. The kids look for him first thing, and they actually talk to him often...even tell him goodnight. I hope they won't be too sad when he goes home after Christmas.

The trio had a quick little check up today...Xan and Haddie are 44 lbs and 44"...Bug is just a smidge behind them. Dang, they are some big kids! Then there is my small wonder, Jericho is a whopping 26 lbs LOL.

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