Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just another day...

We have been looking at granite for the new house, I think I am liking this one in the middle. It is a little dark in the showroom, but I think will look nice in the house. It has quite a bit of green and some goldish tan too which will go great with both the kitchen and livingroom paints we like.
Can't wait to get this ball rolling! I am really looking forward to TWO bathrooms and a garage LOL!

We stopped for a little play time after school today. The weather has been typical December weather recently...cold and wet, so on days that are dry and somewhat warmer we need to take advantage. This being stuck inside stuff is REALLY hard on the kids, we are noticing a lot of acting up and attitude problems, and I think they are just bored.
Everyone looks so cute and warm all bundled up :)

Brothers WUB!

My girlies :)
Relaxing after a hard day.

I made pancakes for dinner tonight...added some M&M's, which was good...
Because they didn't turn out at all like the Mickey Mouse pancakes that the kids asked for...so the M&M's helped them get over the disappointment LOL
 This was so cute I had to go grab my camera and take a picture. When I went in to check on everyone before bed this is what I found. Hayden and Jericho have a special little bond, it is so sweet :)

Awww this makes my heart so happy.

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