Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's a workout, not a fashion show...

Note to self: Never pull out your camera...unless you are ready to be in a picture. I am so used to being behind the camera, well that is starting to change a little. Xander, and even Haddie to a lesser extent, are photo crazy. I was down on the floor, doing my little core challenge, when I noticed Jericho chilling with Jericho and thought it was a picture worthy moment. So I jump up...never losing count of my 110 crunches I was in the middle of, grabbed my camera and got a quick picture before Jericho moved.
See, totally cute.
Then Jericho decided to come closer and ask me "Hey, what are you doing down there?" Hehehe.
Next he wanted to take a picture...nice job dude, this is a good angle for me, looks different when I am standing LOL.
Then Haddie wanted a turn. I didn't think she would get anything, Xander has had more practice...he actually does decent. Hayden was pointing the camera all over and not pressing the button totally right. So I wasn't too worried. Bad idea...these are embarrassing, but funny. OK so I didn't leave the house today, and I was this is the outfit I came up with. Hot, right? LMAO.

Little rascal.
You may notice all the little bits of paper towel on the floor. Xander was grabbing paper towels to rip, shake and fluff lint particles loose so they were floating in the sun in a "dust storm" I seriously need to dust now...after see all that crap floating in the sun I now feel like the house is crazy dusty, even though it all disappears as soon as it lands. Just goes to remind you how many itty bitty things are all over our world that you can't see with the naked eye. Eww LOL.
Day 21: I am thankful that time really does seem to heal most wounds.
I have gotten multiple daily texts from Sakari's new human...she is doing great, and he ADORES her. Good for you Sakari, good for you!

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