Sunday, March 26, 2017


We got to see Secret Agent 23 Skidoo today....what a great show. The kids had a blast...they danced the entire show. A little preshow face paint and balloon fun.

Audrey, a friend from the trio's class, came with.

Show time!

Izzy's dinner...the dessert bar doesn't stand a chance when we show up LOL.

Silly selfies...I got a face tattoo at the show LOL.

Peace America!

Yesterday was Lycan's big day for his hip and elbow xrays. No official word yet, but they looked good. Fingers crossed for good results! We are hoping to have Lycan and Kitsune babies this summer!!!
Hayden funny on the ride. Driving with kids is lots of laughs, and lots of Truths. Hayden just informed me that she kissed her last boyfriend, William. I told her she better not be kissing boys. She said "Mom I was young and crazy". Hayden is eight and this was two years ago

Took two techs to move the big lug.

Xan helping Lycan wake up.

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