Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Better not show your face around here.

Stake out tonight. Some little fucker got one of my Royal Palm turkeys and almost got one of my roosters. Good thoughts for this brave and handsome guy please. Had to run outside in the snow last night with the dogs and Xander's bb was the closet to the door LOL. Heard a chicken going off somehow, thank goodness I had the TV off. Got up there with my phone flash light (we really need an emergency flash light that the kids will leave alone). Saw something small with shiny eyes run off. It had one of my roosters out by the feed shed. Dang broken auto coop door.

He is pretty torn up, the back of his head is degloved and a big patch right in the middle of his back is too. Going to have him inside in a little hospital crate for a few days.

Found footprints, pretty sure it is a coon or a weasel. Two damn years here and they finally found us.

In happier news, Taboo is getting that look...and here I have been watching Yahtzee like a hawk.

I can't wait to see how many...I think she looks bigger than she was with the twins last year.

We got Wild Style back...123 lbs of yummy pork!

Dream on Lycan.

So good!

It's on!
Sadly I didn't see anything tonight...bastard. You better hope I don't catch you.

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