Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rain rain go away.

I wish the weather would turn...I want to be able to play outside more with the little guys.

Moms are doing well, with three babies each to feed they are a little extra cranky with kids that mistake the wrong doe for its mom. Sometimes the impostor can fool the mom long enough to get a quick sip. One of Yahtzee's babies is sneaking a drink from Taboo while she thinks only her own baby is nursing.

This guy is making a play for favorite. Too bad we aren't keeping any boys this year.

Love hanging with the babies!

The second set of triplets are up and bouncy...everyone is looking very strong and healthy!

So glad these little guys have each other to snuggle up with on these cold nights.
He has hung in there. Started crowing in the morning a couple days ago. He got let back out with the others today. We have lost 2 more turkeys and another chicken. Whatever it is steers clear of the trap...and hasn't shown itself during my stakeouts. I have never wanted to kill an animal ever before in my life....until now.

Xander funny. Even while being pulled over and getting a ticket, the kids can make us laugh. We just bought a new mattress, while driving it home we got pulled over. Xander asked what for...expired tags. Xander "Oh good, I thought they were pulling us over for taking the tag off the mattress". LOL!

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