Sunday, March 12, 2017

New additions!

Took a little drive today and picked up some new critters to add to our little farm. I have been so excited to get these guys home.
Lycan and Kitsune traveled with Dutch Bros lid couldn't be more perfect LOL.

We all made it back home safe and sound. 
Meet Camanna GS Ursellina Gold. "Lena" is due to have kids in about 4-5 weeks! 
Fingers crossed for at least 2 girls please!
Just as pretty when she was a baby.
We also brought this lovely doe first blue eyed goat, and she is also a unique color called cou clair. She is due in July, hoping for some blue eyed doelings!!
"Classy" was extra adorable as a baby.

Our other addition, Willie, as in Nelson...the Redheaded Stranger :) We have decided to make the move from American Guinea Hogs to the Kune Kune hogs.
I can't wait to have cute colorful spotted babies like these this fall!  Little Willie is one of those gingers.

Everyone is getting settled in.

This picture cracks me up...bobble head blue eyed goat LOL.

Such pretty girls!

The boys are growing like weeds...just bouncy funny kids. I wish the rain would go away for good so I could be out playing with them more.

Trying to get a meal on the go LOL.

4 of the boys already have new homes lined up!

Adorable lil guy!

When your big sister rams you into a mossy green wall, you try to look cool and play off the new green on your face LOL.

After all the goat fun we took Xan and Jericho out for a little bowling and arcade fun. The girls had a sleepover at a classmates, the boys were feeling a little left out. Big Al's helped.

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