Thursday, March 2, 2017

Best time of the year!

Check on her almost 100 times, up until 3am two nights in a row....then the brat decides to have triplets the moment you aren't there.
Thankfully she did a great job and all 4 of them were doing great when I found them.

I love baby favorite time of the year!
I will be getting nothing done all day. I don't think I missed the birth by much, only 1 was mostly dry. I brought them in for a little hairdryer time. They got to meet a couple new friends. I can't wait for the two legged kids to get home from school.

They are adorable, healthy, good size boys.
Willow came to check them out.

Lycan got a quick sniff.

We haven't been able to catch our little trespasser. The live trap hasn't exactly been a dud though LOL.

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