Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bottle baby.

Hayden and Jericho both had soccer games today. They found a lucky frog on the way to Hayden's field. It worked, the girls finally won one...6 to zip too!
Jericho's team did not fair so well, at least they won last week. Hayden got to ref, which she loved.

Back at home Jason went to work on some new fencing while Lycan and I babysat the goat kids during some play time.

Lycan babysat from the back of the truck.

The little girls were having a blast. Bouncing all over, even met some of the herd.

Sadly the little buckling seemed off. He was hunched up, a little chilly and felt like he hasn't put on any weight. I watched for quite a while, saw Heidi feed the little girls a few times, but when the boy would try she would move away. So to ensure he gets back to being a healthy bouncy baby we decided to pull him and bottle feed. Thankfully Heidi got him through the first week when momma milk is most important, and feedings are around the clock.

Keeping a watchful eye.

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