Saturday, April 14, 2018

Game time!

First soccer games for Hayden and Jericho today! Hayden's game went better than I expected. Her team only has 7-8 players, so they get no subs. Today they played a full team, that subbed 3 times LOL. The girls lost 3 to 5...I thought it would be a total slaughter so at least they hung in there. Hayden has a lot to learn, and hopefully her killer Bball instinct will show up on the soccer field soon.


Sideline silliness with Grandma.

Jericho was up next. We got him signed up pretty late, he ended up playing for Kalama...most of his classmates played against him on the other team LOL. Jericho also doesn't have a full team so no subs. Poor tired kid, happy mom and dad ;) They lost, but hopefully the team will improve with every game.

Best news the rain held off until both games were over! I think we need to sit down and maybe watch some soccer LOL I think it may help. It was fun to watch...looking forward to next weekend.

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