Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rats, rats, rats!

With just 3 or 4 practice sessions Kitsune and I had our first trial this weekend. Since she did so great during practices we skipped the Instinct title and went right for the Novice title. You have 2 minutes to go through a tunnel, climb some hay bales with all 4 feet touching them, and find 1 rat. You must do this 3 times, at 3 different trials, to get your Novice title. We entered 2 today and 2 tomorrow. Kitsune was on point and did amazing getting 2 of the 3 needed legs today! Fingers crossed for her last leg and title tomorrow!

She is such a rock star, everyone there couldn't believe she is so new at this...we were told that she is so fun to watch hunt and they can't wait for her to get to Masters level. This dogs naturally ability and versatility are amazing.

While Kitsune and I were busy hunting ratties, Jason took 6 kids to an arcade. I met 6 alive and well kids, and one tired hubby for dinner. The adults are beat.

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