Friday, April 6, 2018

Rain break.

Today’s kitten visit. Willow is such a good momma, always supervising LOL
Cousin Hailee is spending the weekend with us so she can hang out with all the kids too.

The sun peeped out for some quick fun at the park after dinner. Cousin Hailee and Cousin Rowan say they don’t want to leave...geez girls you still have a few days left LOL.

Lily brought me these from the lake. Awww thanks Bug XOXOX!

Some chill time.

A little funny...
Me: Lily can you put the dirty glasses in the dishwasher.
Me: Oh Lily can you put the ketchup in the fridge.
Me: Oh and grab that trash right there and put it in the trash can.
Lily: I'm sorry, when did I join this chore system.

The day you were born Bug, the day you were born. Hahaha.

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