Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Almost done at the old house!

Got most of the old house cleared and cleaned up. The bedrooms, closets and bathroom are done...the kitchen is close, just got to clear last minute junk off the counters. Hopefully early next week will see us done over there so we can just concentrate on getting settled into the new house.

The kids were so hard on the paint, oh well...most people want to repaint when they move in anyway.

A bunch of crap that still needs to get moved, or better yet gone through and tossed, has invaded the living room.
Yesterdays photo of the day was 'you' well I have looked like hell for a week straight...so we will just skip that one. Today is 'something funny'.  I think it is funny when you, in an attempt to keep your bored to tears kids entertained, give 4 little people wrapping paper rolls so they can sword fight each other...only to have them mutinously team up and attack you! LOL They attacked him with great delight, and didn't care one bit that he was unarmed :)

One plus to moving...you find cool stuff that you forgot you had. This was something a friend brought back from a trip to China for us. Still have no idea what it means or says...but it is pretty awesome.
Then I thought it would be super funny for Jason to put on his old wolf mask...from that Halloween when we were Lil Red, the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, and give the kids a little scare. Well it didn't go over quite as "funny" as I hoped LOL. Hayden and Xander freaked out crying, Lily and Jericho took it better...though Jericho had a death grip on his little pirate sword the rest of the day and slept with it all night. Bad idea Mom LOL.

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