Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hitting the pool!

95 today, goodness! We decided to spend the afternoon at Grandma's...the pool was newly opened and too cold for this wuss, but the kids had a great time. Until we all came home with sunburns that is, must be more careful and do a better job on the sunscreen applications in the future.
Grandma had to work today, so she didn't get to stay and play...but the kids were happy to get to see her for a little while at least. They miss getting to see her all the time now that we live a half hour away :(

Everyone was ready with their floatation devices.

Lily Bug took a little tour with her Dad. Last years only fish needed a little reminder of how much she loved to "swim" LOL.
Xander didn't get in beyond his knees today...but it was a start. I wonder if Jericho was plotting to push his brother in...good thing he decided against it, Xander would not have taken that well LOL.

My little kickers lined themselves up and started kicking the water like mad...too bad by the time I made it to the other side of the pool for a photo from the front 2 of the 4 had already moved.

There she goes...the water was crazy cold, even on a day this hot...they are all nuts.

Go Bug!

Look at almost to her chest on the first day, woohoo!

Cutie pie!

My little minion, so cute LMAO!
Now I know what he would look like in glasses, still gosh darn cute!


While we were there Jason and his brother Chris moved our pool table out of his moms house, getting it ready to move to our garage...just as soon as we have everything put away. It is one heavy mo fo.
I can't wait to get it set back up at home, it will be nice to start playing regularly again.

Some pretty flowers in bloom.

This was Haddie after she accidently went a little to far in the pool. She of course had her puddle jumper on, but she still was very unhappy. She now says she will not take lessons until she is 8, after I told her if she learned to swim she wouldn't have that problem LOL.

We have not got Lily a 2 piece suit yet. Potty breaks in a 1 piece suck. After the 3rd one she decided she would just leave her suit off LOL. Thank goodness for private pools.

Uncle Chris joined the other crazies and got in the cold ass water.

What a fun day...can't wait for their Bday party on the 13th!
On our way home we stopped and got a new friend. Meet Squidward :)

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