Saturday, June 15, 2013

Xander and his Dad go fishing.

Today Xan got to spend 4 hours fishing, just him and his Dad. Jason's work puts on a big derby every year, this was Jason and Xander's first time going. Xander loved every second of it...well maybe not when the fish got too close to him LOL. Jason gave Xander the choice to keep and eat what he caught or to release his fish freeing Momma's dismay he wanted to keep and eat them. Jason cleaned the 5 poor trout souls, they are sitting in my fridge waiting for the feast. We shall see how that goes over.

It was a nice day, I sure wish we had all gone...maybe next year...I think Xan and Jason had a nice time just the two of them though. The girls and Jericho were PISSED. The plan was for Jason and Xander to sneak off at 7:30 in the morning before anyone got up. Well wouldn't you know the only day in a week that they didn't sleep until 8:15 or so was today. There was no sneaking off, and the 3 left at home were not pleased at all.
Xander was a fish catching pro. Jason did the casting and then set the hook when they had a bite, Xander did the rest! He even reeled one in solo while Jason was in the restroom!

He was quite the social butterfly.

His new friend Tony.

He had a good catching day...Xander 5, fish 0.

They grouped the 3, 4 and 5 year olds together for the competition. Xander won with the biggest catch...a 13 1/2" monster, not too shabby for my almost 5 year old! :)

Calling them out LOL.

He was so excited when he got home, with all his prizes...including a nice fishing pole that he won for catching the biggest fish in his age group. The other kiddos were happy to see them...but a tad jealous at the same time.

The days catch! Fun stuff!

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