Saturday, June 22, 2013

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I have a few days to catch up on...been MIA for a bit.

Biggest news, Jericho has been out of diapers...during the day, for a week now!!! We have had a couple accidents, mostly when he is outside playing, but by George I think he's got it! I can not believe at one point we had 4 in diapers and now we have pretty much none...a-ma-zing! He had a little weigh in, now that he is 2 1/ little man is a whopping 29lb 45th% and 36 1/2" tall 65th%.
He is so silly, this is the face he likes to make when he tells me "I can't." We have a few false alarms, and he totally has a bladder the size of a Chihuahua's...having to go like every 30 minutes all day long...but he is doing it, so I'm not complaining.

The treats are being slowly eliminated. I am always surprised when it is "potty treat time" and Jericho calls for his brother and sisters to come get some too. He yells "everyone follow me, TREAT." You would think that my kids, who share practically everything, would want to keep some things to themselves. I love them, and how much they think about and love each other so much, does a heart good :)

We brought the cats over to the new house finally. OJ is the only one who is adjusting pretty well, and even he is hiding more than usual. Sunny almost never comes out, and we have only seen Woosaw once since they got here. She possibly has a little PTSD going on though. She managed to escape out the door at the old house while we were moving things, she was on the lam for a week. I had counted her gone but the day Jason went to pick up the cats and bring them to the new house a skinny and scared Woosaw showed up. Poor thing, hope she learned her lesson.
OJ and his sis Sunny D, the kids gave them a bunch of stufties to make them feel better :)
Woosaw looks relieved to be home I think.

OJ chilling....he really is a sucker for punishment, he loves the kids.

Our friend Larry hasn't been able to start on our corner bench table yet, so we have been making do with our current table. It fits just enough for 4 chairs, so at least the kids have a place to sit and eat. It works, but I can't wait to get the other one here.

The munchkins were putting on a play they said, they had put up "curtains" so they could open them at show time LOL.

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