Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tough decisions.

I think we have made the decision to find Sakari, our Alaskan Malamute, a new home. This was not something we came to lightly, I am a big believer that pets are a lifelong commitment. In fact we almost placed her in a new home 3 years ago, but I couldn't go through with it. We have been around the ringer with this dog, she is the biggest pain in the ass dog I have ever owned in my lifetime of owning dogs. Anyone even considering getting a Malamute I warn you to really really think about it and research the breed. I did my research, I am a very experienced dog owner...and it was a very bad decision to get her.

In my defense when I got her our triplets had just come home from the NICU (yeah don't ask me what the heck I was thinking) and my best friend of many years my German Shepherd, Gianni, had to be put down...I think a mix of hormones, grief and just plain crazy lead me to bring the cutest ball of fluff you have ever seen home. My sweet and adoring husband was not at all happy about it, but he has a hard time telling me 'no' LOL. Naturally Sakari didn't get the training and attention she really needed because duh we were busy with newborn triplets. Thankfully she turned out to be a kind and loving dog, for the most part.

When we brought her home we already had 2 dogs, our Pittie Gangster and Jason's mutt Slim...and our cats. Things went great for the first year or so, then for whatever reason Sakari decided Slim was enemy #1 and tried to kill him every chance she got. We eventually had to give Slim to Jason's sister so he wouldn't die. Then things went back to being good. A year goes by and then Sakari has it out for our cats. So we start keeping everyone is a pain but do-able. Meanwhile Sakari has escaped from our yard 4 or 5 times now and on one of those jaunts caught someone's cat and the poor thing racked up a $500 vet bill which we covered, thankfully the cat was not seriously injured...damn those ER vets and their outrageous charges.

We have put up with all this for almost 5 years now, it hasn't been fun but we have been dealing. Then a couple weeks ago Jericho smacked her on the butt...didn't hurt her, I mean how hard can a 2 year old smack a dogs butt, but she turned around and nipped his face. She didn't break the skin but did give him a bruise and a little knot that lasted for a week. A couple days ago she nipped Hayden in the face when Hayden startled her, again she didn't break the was more of a warning nip.

Here is the dilemma...can we have a dog that nips first when annoyed or startled by children in our family with 4 kids under it safe, will this get worse or better? I just don't know what to do. We have contacted a Mal rescue group, they are going to add her to their listing of available dogs...I guess we'll see if I can go through with it when a home becomes available for her.

We talked to the kids about it, Xander and Lily were totally fine with finding her a new home...though they do seem a little sad and go back and forth on it. Hayden went into a crying fit and flat out refused...she cried so hard that it made me start to cry. Yeah the girl who got nipped in the face didn't care she loves her dog. It took some time and talking about maybe getting a new puppy one day to sway her. I know she isn't going to be happy come the day for Sakari to leave though. Neither am I, even if she is a giant pain in the ass, she is our pain in the ass. We are getting her spayed here soon, the rescue lady said that might actually help mellow her out. I guess she has until a new home opens up to prove to us she should stay.

Any dog people feel free to chime in with any thoughts or suggestions.

Today the pic of the day is "animal" so here is one of Sakari...this will not be easy, either way.

Haddie was very proud of her drawing. She said that is Xander, Hayden, Lily and Jericho looking at a rainbow and the sun. So cute :)


Christine Roosa said...

Finding her a new home is the smartest thing to do. She's nipped at your babies. I wouldn't gamble with it. As she gets older and grumpier she will be more apt to do things like that.

Find her a good home; someone who can take care of her and give her attention. Some place without any other pets or children.

It's hard to do, but in your shoes I wouldn't bat an eye at it.

TripMomma said...

Thanks Christine, you are right. My head knows finding her a new home is the right thing to is just hard on my heart. I hope they get an opening soon, the longer this draws out the harder it will be.

Kitty said...

As hard as it is, a new home is best. I was raised with dogs, currently have a PITA dog, and love dogs WAY too much, but I was bit in the face by our family dog when I was 2 and the scars are still obvious. I hate it for you that you're dealing with this. Totally sucks.

TripMomma said...

Thanks. I am so sorry you were bitten and it left scars. You know that is what I tried to tell Hayden when I brought up finding Sakari a new home. I told her that these last couple of incidents were just nips on the face and didn't break the skin, but what happens if next time she really bit someone on the face and left them scarred. I would feel horrible. We have decided to find her a new home. We are actually working with a Malamute rescue...they don't have an open foster home right now but she is in line. We just can't take the chance.