Friday, September 20, 2013

Mmm little Apple pies for Fall.

Yup, the crappy weather is making an appearance. Today was one of those staying warm inside in your PJ's kind of days. Would absolutely be a hot cocoa day if only I was allowed LOL.

Jason, with a little help from Jericho, got some bench presses in.

The girls came and told Jason and I we needed to go to the boys rooms, they made something for us.
When we got in there they yelled "welcome to your date." They set us up a table...little "flower" center piece and all, seats, plates and cups. Then they brought us books that were our menus, and after we order they served us a 3 course meal. Hayden even presented me with a necklace to wear, because girls wear pretty necklaces on dates don't ya know :)

After our date was done the party moved to the living room where Lily and Jericho were mom and dad on a date. Hand holding is a must on a date according to Bug...and I totally agree with her, Jericho didn't seem to mind. ;)

Haddie provided excellent service.

Later we made some little crescent dessert pies. We made these apple pies before, we also made these with peanut butter, banana and chocolate chips...they are always so easy and so yummy. We just brush both sides of the crescents with a little melted butter, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and sugar, place whatever you want in them, then roll em up and cook at 400 for 9 or 10 minutes...easy peasy.

This time we did the cinnamon apple version, and banana with coconut. I didn't get any, but man the banana coconut ones almost made me cheat on my diet LOL.
Everyone got to make their own. Whoa Jericho...easy on that cinnamon and sugar.

They love helping to bake.

Making 8 little crescent pies is quite the process with 4 little helpers.

All done, it was so hard to resist one.


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