Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mr. Cheese hosts a fun party!

My niece Hailee had her 5th birthday party today at Chuck E. Cheese. We have previously learned to not tell the kiddos we are going anywhere exciting until it is a sure thing, so it has been a peaceful couple of week build up. We told them this afternoon as we were trying to get everyone dressed and out the door, you know I don't think I have ever seem them more cooperative LOL.

We had a great time, brace yourselves...lots of pics to share, but I'm sure you had already guessed that.

Scott and Amber know how to throw a great bash, food ready to go so the munchkins can grub then they can get to playing without getting cranky. Oh was so hard to pass on the pizza.

Jericho having some pizza with Auntie Tia.

Alright, lets get this party started!
Xander and Jericho were all over the place, I am so thankful for my nephew Tyler and my sister in law Tia for helping us keep an eye on them.
Xan really loved getting to hang with his older cousin. Aren't they a couple of cuties?!
Then Xander gives him the "see what I have to put up with, just smile and she will go away" look Hehehe.

The girls were pretty good at the games...and boy did they love those tickets.

Some fun with Dad. Archery...I had to try this one, it was pretty fun.

They were pretty great at throwing fast balls too.

Auntie Tia, keeping up with this little dynamo is no small feat.
Hayden and Lily hit up the coaster...hands up....

Haddie is still a little champ with a basketball.

Jericho LOVED the horses, we couldn't keep him off this thing.
Amber photobombing us LMAO!

Silly boy.
Is he not the cutest kiddo ever?!?!

Fun break...cake time!

Thumbs up from the birthday girl!
Look at that cake. Man I love Costco cakes...and I had to say no, this blows.

They gave her the candles that relight...that was funny stuff LOL.
Mmm here taste mine Hahaha.

Back to party! Why does 3 hours at Chuck E. Cheese's feel like 10? And for the love of all things good, why have the smart people of the world failed to figure out how to bottle little kid energy?

Present fun, for more than just the birthday girl :)

This was Haddie getting a hug for the gift, she was being hugged so hard she squeaked out "My dad bought the bag" LOL.
Gift wrap and fashion accessory.

Aww so cute!

My kids get to play phone or video games like next to never, imagine their surprise when they found a giant fruit ninja!

Momma won the girls 20 tickets by successfully removing a little water on the knee...go me :)

They saved their last token for this silly monster truck ride. Hayden was scared to death and they both tried to bail before the ride was over...silly girls. They must take after me, Jason has scared the crap out of me 4Xing LOL.

Chuck and his co-workers put on a little line dance show. Hayden and Lily were all about it.

They actually kept up pretty well and did a great job.

High fives!
Tia and Xan got their rock star awesome!

Oh this part always takes so long...especially when the guy working behind the counter gives the kids like 4 times more than they really had.

These were super fun! We had to really scruntch, and it was hard to get everyone looking in the right direction Ha!
My them!

Me and the two sweetest girls in the world.

Jason and I even did one LOL.
What a fun I need to go sleep for 10 hours LOL.

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