Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A slumber party first!

Hayden and Lily had their first ever sleep-over at someone else's house tonight. Lily has been excited about it for weeks. Haddie has gone back and forth, our little Daddy's girl had reservations about being away from her Dad. Yesterday she was back to being able to stay the whole time, but this morning she had changed her mind and planned to come home at bed time. I knew it would be a changing thing up to the last minute LOL. Thankfully Cousin Hailee lives less than 5 minutes away, so even if we have to go get her it won't take long.
I made them a little Halloween fun for lunch today...yummy Mummy's! Got to love Pinterest.
They turned out awesome...and the kids loved them, even if they didn't know what Mummy's are. They may be just a tad sheltered LOL.

The girls have had their over night bags packed for a week. After lunch they started asking every 20 minutes if it was time to go LOL. Finally 4 o'clock got here and we headed off to Uncle Scott's house! The girls were super excited, Xander was so not. He did help carry the breakfast we made for everyone for tomorrow. Any excuse to make our favorite French toast bake. The last two times we made it we added 2 sliced up apples between the bread...mmm nice touch.

Ready to party!
They hugged the boys, tried to make Xan feel a little better and ran to the front door.

They were ready for a fun time with Cousin Hailee! In the 5 minutes I stayed to help get them settled Hayden had changed her mind and said she was going to stay the night LOL. I can't believe my 5 year olds are at their first slumber party...slow down kiddos goodness.

I couldn't even start to get a little sad, I had to console a heartbroken Xander. As soon as we got home he went into a drawer and grabbed a picture of all 4 kiddos together and held on to it for a good hour and a half. Poor guy. I hope he makes some good boy friends soon so he can have a sleep over too, he missed his sisters...but also felt very left out :( 
We did a little cooking to try and cheer the boys up.
Then we did a little pumpkin carving. The boys first time ever...and the first time in about 15 years for me. They didn't come out perfect, but weren't too bad considering.
Xan and Jericho didn't get to help too much, hopefully next year they will be able to stay in the lines a bit better.

I didn't realize the designs we picked actually went together until Xander pointed it out...funny.
They are very spooky and the boys love them!

I was getting updates during the evening on how the girls were doing...my brother and sister in law know me well. Not only did they keep me posted but they sent me pictures!!! They went on a long long walk, they thought Hayden might be less worried about sleeping over if she was worn out :)

The girls all helped Auntie make their own pizzas...they love doing this! Great idea Auntie Amber :)

Then before bed they all watched one of the Tinker Bell movies...another excellent choice. I wasn't sure exactly what the outcome would be...but in the end Hayden stayed, without any issues at all...good for you Haddie!

Can't wait to hear all about the fun tomorrow...they are going to have a lot to share I'm sure :)

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