Saturday, October 12, 2013

Princess tea party anyone?

The girls and I had a little girly time fun today! A photographer friend puts on little parties with crafts, snacks, face paint and dress up then she takes a couple pictures. Today was a Princess tea party extravaganza....and the girls had a blast! Jason and the boys stayed home, Xander was really bummed...but I told him the boys get to go to a boy party in a couple weeks. It didn't really make him feel much better today, but come the Superhero party he will be stoked for sure.

Lots of fun art stuff to do, the girls spent a lot of our 2 1/2 hours here LOL.

Hayden and Lily wore the great princess dresses Auntie Tia and Uncle Rick got them for their birthday...then had fun with the dress up accessories that were provided.
Lily had a little tea party with some of the other little girls there....but not as many as she would have liked. I love that my girls are so friendly and outgoing, but it kinda sucks that they always seem to run into shy kids that want to cling to their mom's when all the girls want to do is make friends and play LOL.

The face painting lady was really good...and the girls sat perfectly for her.

Lily Bug got some pretty Lily flowers.
Haddie of course got a butterfly :)
They did a good job for their pictures a couple cute ones.

A little puzzle time before it was time to go.
Aww sister two cuties!
All the princess power sure tired them out LOL.
What a great afternoon. Can't wait for the boys is going to be so hard to not go :) Jason better take a lot of pictures for me Hahaha.

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