Monday, October 21, 2013

Surgery, and a new project.

Xander's little mole removal was today. I know it is so minor but I of course still got nervous and is a Mom thing I think. It was a beautiful day!

We arrived at 11:30am, Xan wasn't set for surgery until 12:30pm. I didn't think a little applesauce at 8:30 this morning would matter...even though they did tell us "no solids" after 5:30am...since when is applesauce a solid? Well seems a little applesauce caused us a 2 hour delay. We are actually lucky. As we were sitting in our little area waiting, a family that drove 2 hours to get there for their little girls surgery were told they had to reschedule because she licked a straw with whip cream on it and there wasn't enough time in the day to wait the 6 hours they demand. I know the anesthesiologist is just being safe and looking out for the kids, but dang.

Xander did a great job waiting...the TV helped a lot!
As time got closer we got Xan changed into some hospital PJ's.

The pre-meds they thought a 5 year old boy would need...AKA the "Goofy Juice" did it's job, very well. So good I was told later that they didn't need to use any laughing gas, and were able to get the IV sedation going with no problems.

3 hours in and he is finally being taken off to surgery.

He was being silly...goofy juice 1, Xan 0. LOL
I was told it would be about a half hour...just over an hour later, right as I was starting to worry, someone came out to get me. He did great, they got the mole, sent it off and Xander was in recovery. He had oxygen going and his BP and heart rate were being monitored. Those dang beeps again, I haven't seen him so out of it with those beeps in the background since his NICU days...almost got to me.

He must have been really tired, or they gave him a lot of drugs. The anesthesiologist told me he would be awake in 10 minutes. 30 minutes later they told me to start talking to him, rubbing his head to try and stimulate him. 40 minutes later we were about to start using cold wash cloths on him when his anesthesiologist came back and roughed him up quite a bit more than I or the Nurse were doing and got him to wake up. I was relieved to say the least. What did he say first thing? "I'm hungry." LOL.

About 15 minutes after waking up they gave him a couple popsicles. He was very loopy still but he managed to eat those things in record time.

At 5 I was so ready to go...Xander wasn't so much but I was able to dress him and plop him in a wheel chair. Poor kid couldn't walk, he couldn't even sit in the chair LOL. A nurse helped me get him to the car, then Jason carried him into the house. What a long day...I'm beat.
While we were in the recovery area there was fire alarms going off about a car in the parking lot, it was about 8 spaces from our car...thankfully they got it under control before it spread to other cars, but the original was burnt to a crisp.
He needs to stay quiet for the next 48 hours, and then no rough housing for a couple weeks...yeah that won't be a problem at all, HA. Stitches out in about 14 days. 
When we got home he had a Nutrigrain bar, after letting that sit for a half hour we got dinner. He put down 3 Jr. Arby's roast beef sandwiches and a Jr. fry...and we had to cut him off after that, he wanted more LOL.
Now on to my new project! I have been wanting to get Hayden and Lily a nice big doll house for a couple years now....but the one I had my heart set on is like $250. So I have been waiting, checking Craigslist now and then and just hoping I would find something. Well I found this beauty for $45! It needs some wallpaper and flooring, some paint and decoration but it is sound and just what I was hoping to find for them.
I am hoping to work on it in secret in the garage and have it all ready by Christmas. Anyone have a left over wallpaper or drawer liners or anything they wish to donate? I am so excited to get to work on it! Got to keep my eyes out for dolls and furniture type stuff too, the girls don't really have any doll house stuff.

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