Friday, October 4, 2013

Grandma's visits are always so fun!

Grandma came over for a visit and dinner...and brought goodies for the kiddos of course. Everyone loved their new Halloween decorations! Pretty cute!

I got a awesome Bday gift! I love this shirt...even though I HATE zombies. I can't even watch The Walking Dead no matter how bad I want to. I made it through season 1 on Netflix, but then didn't sleep well for a week LOL. I just can't do it. Maybe once my kids are older, and can be counted on to use their heads and defend themselves in case of a zombie apocalypse. Until then I am just too freaked out and scared of not being able to protect my little brood...silly I know, but it is not just the undead really, any natural disaster or uprising really scares me when Jason and I are so outnumbered and the kids are so young.

Then Grandma broke out some temporary tattoo's. Another huge hit! I prefer these to least they don't get stuck to my doors, walls, floors and windows for days and days.

Jericho just about needed an intervention LOL. He was all covered, and kept going back for more. I had a little talk with my kids at this time about tattoo's. They know Jason and I have them, and have made comments now and then about wanting some. So I thought now was as good a time as any to start the talk. I told them 18 was the minimum it would be allowed, and if they waited until 25 I would pay for their first one LOL.
Of course I joined in on the temp tattoo fun....not that I don't have enough of the real deal. This just made me get the urge for another Hahaha.

Dinner was good, we made the Skinny zucchini lasagna again...and Grandma enjoyed it too! So it's not just us near starving people that like these recipes, good to know.

Funny story from last night. The girls were in the bath, I walked by the bathroom to check on them. I see both relaxing, laying flat out on their backs in the water. Then Lily says "Ah this is the life, just us girls, no crazy boys." LOL.

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