Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween everyone! The triplets have been crazy excited all week for today, heck they have been excited for the last 3 months LOL. You know waiting until dark tonight will just be torture...for all of us Hahaha.

I tried to make breakfast fun and festive. I made a couple little tin foil skull molds, they were not perfect but they did a good enough job.

I cut out eye and nose holes...also made little pumpkin pancakes with the help of some food coloring.
Added some strawberries for the eyes and nose...and horns.
Voila, little skull devils, a spooky and yummy breakfast :) The kids LOVED them!

I will save you from the drama that was my day from 9am until about 5pm, dark could not get here fast enough, and skip to the good stuff. Xander did impress me today though. The "I want that" thanks to commercials has taken a new turn. Xander was watching a Barbie horse trailer commercial, he looked at me and said "I want that for Kenzie (our friends little girl,) she loves Barbie, she would love that." So funny, and sweet!!

When we couldn't put off getting the kids ready any more, our family of Superheroes reappeared :)
Our little Firestars, in wigs and all, looked fabulous!
Thanks again for the help Grandma, the costumes came out perfect.

My boys...they wanted to start trick or treating at our own house LOL.

They were ready to go...dark in T-minus 30 minutes.

We headed over to Uncle Scott's hood. Hailee was super excited for all the kids to go TOTing together too.
Uncle Rick and fam joined us too. Cousin Tyler even dressed up. Once the Superheroes learned than Bane is in fact a bad guy they attacked Hehehe.
Looking good guys, looking good :)
My crew. I love that the kiddos enjoy doing the theme thing. They have already decided what they want all of us to dress up as next year...we shall see if it sticks :)
Um Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber need to work a little harder on their costumes next year.
Same goes for Uncle Rick, Auntie Tia and Cousin B. :)

The night was pretty nice. We have been really lucky the last few rain again this year. It didn't even get quite as cold as it was supposed to and stayed in the mid 50's. Well until about our last 45 minutes or so, then it got pretty chilly and even wearing leggings under my costume wasn't keeping me warm. I don't know how the girls did it...they were in a leotard and thin tights....brrrr. Nobody complained even once...too excited to worry about a pesky little thing like warmth I guess LOL.
It was really nice to have such a big group of adults to help us keep an eye on everyone.

The Bat and the Cat :)

Being silly LOL.


Jason and I have always been glad the girls are not identical. We love that they look different and have never had any trouble telling them apart...until tonight anyway LOL. The exact costumes, the same wigs, the dark all combined to make Jason and me mix them up a record number of times Hahaha.
So happy for the candy!
On to our second neighborhood.
So handsome hubba hubba!
Batman and Bane...enemies.

My turn to try and take him down LOL.

I guess I need to run him over with a car to take him out Hehehe.
This house is always super scary. The kids did a little better this year, a little.
I wouldn't even give that thing knucks ewww.
The boys were amazed by Captain America!
Jericho is a very independent little man, lots of "I do it myself", not wanting a steadying hand on porch steps and you better not touch his candy. We could all tell when Superman was starting to get tired...he let Cousin B carry his candy for him, but Jericho kept a sharp eye on him the whole time Hahaha.
And letting Dad give him a ride, yeah his little legs had about had it.
Husband, must you always photograph my butt?!
He is so adorable...and he knows it. This kid got away with handful grabs, even after we told the home owners to watch out for one could resist his charm I guess.

Time to get home and have a piece of candy!

After 3 hours we came home with 13 1/2 lbs of junk that is calling my name. Tip: Never look up all the delicious chocolate goodies your kids got on Halloween on Myfitnesspal. You will want to cry. This is going to be so hard on me, I LOVE chocolate. I think we need to get some of this to the Dentist stat. The troops can handle all these calories better than I can.

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