Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Almost ready to get this party started!

Jericho's birthday party is tomorrow, and I am in a sea of Batman. I found Batman puzzles for all the boys...the girl guests will get girly puzzles. I found little Batman figurines too. My best score was cotton candy in Batman packaging...I know it is crap, but it was Batman crap LOL. I also tossed in some superhero DIY masks and bubbles too.

The goodie bags will be Baterrific LOL!

I had planned to hand paint the bat symbol on the bags, then I looked at the 18 bags I had to make and got lazy Hahaha. I printed these little logos instead.

The kids have fallen in love with legos, they could sit and build stuff ALL DAY...even my busy man Jericho. This is helpful when I need to get stuff done. So far I haven't stepped on a single one either ;)

I took a break from the goodie bags for dinner, Xander was very entertaining tonight.
You know what love is?
It is your 6 year old son telling you when you are old he will buy you the tub that has a door that opens so you won't have an accident getting in the tub. He even followed it up with "when you are old you can live with me in my house"...hope his wife is OK with that. I love you Xander, you are the sweetest kid, and you have the biggest heart...don't change, the world needs you just the way you are. 

It took me 3+ hours to make these bags, and my hands died more than once, but they are done at last.

They actually turned out pretty cool.

Bat brownies. We decided to buy Jericho's cake this year, I felt lame...so I had to make these.

Jericho, and his brother and sisters, are super excited for his party tomorrow. I'm sure the "Is it time yet"'s will start before lunch, 5pm could take forever to get here...for all of us LOL.

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