Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zoo lights!

I think the big move for Lily's school BFF is coming soon. Poor Lily came home crying with this artwork from her BFF.

Poor little thing was in a mood...she was flipping like a switch from weepy to grouchy. We thought a trip out to the Zoo for the lights was a good idea. We don't make a point to hit the Zoo lights every year, this actually is only our second time going...our first was FIVE years ago. It is usually too damn cold, and of course when you are freezing and uncomfortable nothing is worth it LOL. This years trip was pretty much on track with that, in fact we were in an out in less that 90 minutes LOL. Next time we attempt this someone remind me to really dress for the cold, maybe then we could hang out and enjoy ourselves.
I was trying some out of auto shooting with my camera...flash just ruins Christmas lights...but it is hard for this newbie to get good, clear, pics. It would help if my kids would learn how to hold still at the same time.

I loved all the different lights and colors everywhere. Even if I was freezing my patootie off.

The girls are so cute....cold, but cute LOL.

Jason bought us all a hot chocolate, next time remind me to make my own and just bring it, it was way too spendy for such weak and crappy cocoa...but at least it was warm. We froze in line for 30 minutes to ride the little train for all of maybe 10 minutes...totally not worth it, we will be skipping that next time we do the Zoo lights LOL.

We were driving through a tunnel of lights...kinda cool.

I was hoping to get a card worthy pic, no such luck...looks like we will be driving to find some snow this weekend. Always love snow pictures!

This light set was pretty neat...and big.

Brr we have had enough lets get the heck out of here.

See you in a couple years Zoo lights.

Jericho wanted to fly to bed...our little boy is getting bigger every day. Very bitter sweet.

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