Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pinterest, I love you.

Another Pinterest win! I made a crayon wreath for the trio's teacher, it turned out so great I think I will have to do one for Jericho's PreK teacher as an end of year gift too. It was really pretty simple...though I did get a blister, not from the hot glue but from cutting the bugs out of some super strong cardboard.
You need a hot glue gun, 1 stick of glue
an 8" and a 12" embroidery hoop
3 boxes of 24 count crayons
and some ribbon
I also used a lot of heavy duty cardboard, chalkboard paint and acrylic paint.

I decided to hang a chalkboard sign off my wreath, so the teacher can write her name, or change to different Holiday messages...or whatever. I painted another piece of cardboard to be the frame for the chalkboard part.

I made some cute little things to add to the wreath, I thought the caterpillar and butterfly was neat for a Kindy kids have changed so much in their time with their teacher.

Arrange your crayons on the hoops as you want them, then put a bead of hot glue on the bigger hoop and the smaller hoop...that is placed evenly inside the larger hoop, and place the crayon in the glue...have the bottoms touching, then space out the tops as you want. Once I had all the crayons in place I glued the bugs on top.
Almost done...a few more touches before we give it to the teacher tomorrow.

Haddie got some good news today, her crossbite has been fixed and she can now only wear her retainer thing while she sleeps!!! She is one happy kid. Today was crazy hair day at school...this was the left overs from what I did. I totally forgot to take pictures of the kids before they left for school Grrr rookie mistake LOL.

A little Hayden funny. Jason found a half eaten bag of Hershey's Kisses, that were supposed to make it into the teachers mug gifts LOL. As I was telling him I had no idea where all the chocolate went, Haddie piped up with "Mom gave us some. I only wanted one, but she made us have six each" Hahaha I made them eat more chocolate than they wanted y'all...worst Mom ever right over here. Reminds me of the old Cosby stand up...the whole chocolate cake for breakfast bit.

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