Tuesday, December 16, 2014

School spirit fun.

Early this morning Xander was sneaking some tablet time, he managed to do a little puppy bonding at the same time. Lily and Xander are still pretty much couch bound when our little land shark is awake. They do love her when she is sleeping or having a rare moment of feeling mellow. Haddie and Jericho are doing just a touch better with Kitsune, honestly I can't blame them for being cautious...she has a bunch of toys to play with but it seems her fave thing to do by far is bite her family LOL.

She has grown a little I think...she is still just a bitty baby though. Thankfully Kitsune is now sleeping through the night, and quiet when she is in her crate...both are awesome. She is doing pretty well with the potty training...as long as her people don't slip up.

Some brindle is starting to show up.

The kiddos are doing great in school. Their first report cards were fantastic. Lily and Xander went up a level in books, Lily is now a D, Xan is a C...Haddie went up 2 levels and is now a D like Lily! They are all doing a great job with their reading.
This week is spirit week at the trio's school...I guess they get one when the whole school has earned enough peace paws to fill their giant peace paw box. Yesterday was fancy dress up day, the girls got to wear the dresses they wore to my sisters wedding again, I totally spaced getting pics though.
Today was sports day, Xan has his own Seahawks shirt...but the girls had to borrow a couple of mine, that don't quite fit LOL.

The first time they were all in Seahawk gear together!

Our 4th amigo is getting some dress up days in his PreK class too. Today was wear white day, yesterday was superhero day...that was his fave so far LOL.

Lots of puppy play time. It is totally true what they say, a tired puppy, is a good puppy LOL. She loves to chase the flashlight.

Poor Jericho. Hayden and a bat 1....Jericho and his lip 0. Hayden felt horrible, little man was a trooper...as soon as I stopped the bleeding he never mentioned it again.

This one is from last night...the boys decided to do a little workout all on their own, my lazy butt watched from the couch

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