Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kicking it old school.

We had our annual dinner and a play with Grandma tonight. This is our 3rd, or 4th, year doing this...the kids love it! We spent a couple hours hanging out before the play.

Frog dog wanted to color too LOL.

Jason set up his old Nintendo. Once he let the kids take a turn they had a blast!

Old school Nintendo is the best!!

Ready for the show to start. They loved the show. Hayden really wanted to be up on stage, I think we will have to put her in a drama club too LOL.

Came home to more gifts from some of our neighbors...thanks guys!

Kitsune came home to her 9 week puppy shot. A little peanut butter in a kong and she didn't even flinch. She is 10 lbs now, I never weighed her when we got her 2 weeks ago, but I am guessing if she is just now 10 lbs she really was a peanut. She has grown so much in 2 short weeks. Later she helped us do a little, late, spring closet cleaning out. She is super helpful let me tell you LOL.

  Bedtime shenanigans!

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