Friday, December 4, 2009

Our first Zoo lights experience

We made it to the Zoo today to ride the train and check out all the lights that they put up. It's getting chilly here but today was by far the better day to go. We only had about a 10 min wait in line for the train ride...the babies did really well and didn't bitch too much :) Hayden loved the ride and looking at the lights the most, Lily liked it a lot too....Xander just sat on dads lap and got upset when the brakes would make loud noises. After the train ride we walked a few more min. checking out the lights and then took off. The trio were getting cold, thankfully they left their beanies and hoods up most of the time but they don't do gloves or mitts so their little hands were turning into blocks of ice. We got home and played a little, Hayden was cracking us up playing with their shoes. She was taking them 2 at a time to the couch she would set them down and go get two more, once she got them all on the couch she would start moving them two at a time to the ottoman, once she got them all there she would start moving them back to the couch again. Lily would come up and take a couple to play with and Hayden would go track her missing part of the flock down and take them from Lily. It was so funny watching her run back and forth making piles of shoes only to move them back and make another pile. Lots of pics...

Getting ready to go.
They really hate hats and hoods...the girls are trying a synchronized pull LOL

At the Zoo

Not many pics of the lights turned was really pretty they had done a lot of work getting all the lights set up.
They had a few different animals roaming around...the girls were curious about this polar bear but Xander cried almost right away.
The train ride

Hayden loved looking out at the lights
Lily Bug loving the ride
Hayden kissing the seat...great.

Play time back at home

We are doing a little dancing :)
Snuggles with Momma

Little update on me...last week was hard on the only eating blinkers once a week thing, but I did manage to drop another pound even with Thanksgiving! I am now back to my pre pregnancy weight!!! I would still love to lose another 15 lbs, we'll see.
Just for fun...our little dumpster divers. Whoever can reach a highchair after we take the occupant out will pull it closer to them and see what tasty morsels have been left in the seat LOL

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Angela said...

Glad you had fun. Thanks for the pics! It may be as close to Zoo lights as we get this year.:) I'm still keeping the Grotto on our list. Let me know if you decide which day.