Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I would feel like a failure if I wasn't so happy!

In the pictures below you will notice something missing, yup...the tree didn't make it. Today I stepped into the kitchen to get their sippy cups, not more than 1 min later I heard a thud. I peaked around the corner and Xander, who was no where near the tree when I snuck out of the room, went into ninja mode and climbed up on the baby gate and reached in to the tree, then grabbed a branch and pulled the whole thing over. He broke an ornament and knocked about 6 others off the tree. That was it...the tree came down, I really wanted to hold out until Christmas but it was making me bonkers. We had them in their highchairs eating lunch while we took the tree down, and I was totally "HA HA"ing (a la Nelson on the Simpsons) Xander the whole time about how we were taking down his tree, so mature of me I know...but I just had to rub it in. When we set them back in the living room after lunch they all looked a little sad that the tree was gone, hopefully next year will go better. We did leave our giant stocking hung on the fire place since they hadn't messed with it at all. UNTIL there was nothing else to mess with. About 2 hours without the tree to harass Xander, did you think it would be anyone else?, tried for all he was worth to reach that. This boy I swear!!!

Some pics from today...
Tree gone....ah peace!

Hayden was like, no fair I never messed with the tree :(

Bug is not quite over playing behind where the tree was yet

I bet Xan is now plotting how to get the presents.

Xan trying for that stocking.

Hayden is not Miss Innocent here she is trying to get into the drawer. She ended up breaking the baby lock so it is now locked duct tape style until we get something better.

Though she was very entertaining and sweet today....
here she is wearing her chair on her head. She was having a blast moving all the chairs and boppys back and forth from there usual spots to the rug.

She also gave her very tired Daddy a close inspection while he dozed after yet another 16 hour shift...so cute!

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tina1then3boys said...

I can't imagine chasing 3 away from the tree. Guess it't amazing it lasted that long. Love you blog.