Monday, December 14, 2009

It finally happened...Xander fell on his head.

At least he wasn't dropped, my mommy guilt would be even worse. He has been climbing the baby jail gates for months now, I knew it was going to happen eventually. We have one part of our play yard up blocking access to the kitchen and another part blocking the TV and Christmas tree. Monkey boy was climbed up and leaning over, balancing on the top of the gait on his waist, he was leaning trying to get a hold of the trash can and over he went. I think he sorta caught himself and slowed his fall but he landed on the top of his head and then tumbled over and ended up laying on his back. He cried for a min but then was fine, I kissed his poor head then plopped him in his highchair and he ate his I think he is fine LOL He also snagged an ornament off my tree and broke it, he has been on quite the roll today.
Lily added a new word to her vocab, she can now say 'eye' when she is poking..err pointing...out my eye :) I think we may be hitting a growth spurt or something, they seem to be almost insatiable these days, and the girls even woke up in the middle of the night last night and only a sippy of milk got them back to sleep.
We are finishing up wrapping the trio's Christmas gifts, I can not wait for Christmas...they are going to have a blast this year!!! Oh, and is it just me...I noticed that during the wrapping Santa is getting the short end of the stick. The "To: The Trio, From: Santa" gifts are all the little, filler, gifts LOL Santa is NOT getting all our credit for the good shit :)

No pics today...what is the world coming too hahaha

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