Monday, December 21, 2009

I am a Fantasy Football junkie.

I kicked major ass this weekend and am now in the "Super bowl" for my league!!! This is my second year playing FF, last year I made it to the Super bowl but lost. Jason was out early last year, this year he made it to the play offs but that was it. I sooo want to win this year! Wish me luck guys :)
On to other news, have I mentioned lately that we REALLY want to take the darn tree down? LOL Jason and I almost took it down today, but we have held out this long...only a few more days to go, so we are trying to hang in there.

I got to spend 3 hours at the salon...had my color retouched, it was awesome to just get out of the house!

We finished all the wrapping of the smaller stuff and it's all under the tree...looks like a pretty good haul LOL I can not wait for the trio to open their gifts!

Lily going behind the tree for the hundredth time today. I try so hard to keep a straight face but doing this pleases her so much she is laughing and grinning when I go to pull her out.

Bug and Xan PO'd that I made them come out from behind the tree

My new looks better in it's curly state.

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