Friday, December 11, 2009

I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!

It seems the trio have entered a new phase, trying to trick each other out of something good in exchange for something not nearly as cool LOL Sometimes one falls for it, sometimes not. Yesterday Lily had gotten robbed by Xander, she was crying and I knew Hayden had an object that would make Lily happy (she had my cell phone)...if only I could get it from her without making her cry. I know the right thing to do would have been to take back Lily's toy from the little thief Xander, this would have just added him to the crying fest and seeing as I have been doing this parenting thing for almost a year and a half now I have learned Bill Cosby was right, parents don't care about justice they just want quiet LMAO. So I try to get Hayden to give up the cell phone for the usually coveted TV remote control, she looked at me and if she could have spoken she would have said a great line from Beverly Hills Cop, "I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!" LOL So I had to try to soothe poor Lily with another toy. Then tonight Lily got a little revenge. Lily was sitting on my lap but got up to grab a toy, Hayden snuck in and stole her spot. I have NO problem sharing my lap with 2 babies...or all three of them, but Hayden doesn't like to share. So Lily came back and knew there was no getting in on the lap time. My smart little Bug goes to the couch and grabs the cell phone and just ooh's and ahh's all over it, right in front of Hayden. Hayden gets up to jack Lily and Lily practically throws it at Hayden as she beats feet to get her spot on my lap back...little trickster.

Today we had a fun time out grocery shopping with the trio. Normally Jason does the shopping and I stay home with the babies, but they haven't gotten out of the house in a few days so we decided to all go. We took the Choo Choo instead of the triple stroller, and while it does get a bit more attention...if that's maneuvers so much better with nearly 85 lbs of baby in it and the kiddos are happier in it, thus quieter :) We had a lot of "oh look, that's so cute" but only one person asked to take their picture so it wasn't too bad LOL. At one point I heard more laughing and "look at that"s so I turned around to look and saw Hayden's hair totally static electricity-ed out...every single strand was standing on was fricking hilarious!!! Jason tried to get a pic but she wouldn't hold still, then she was too busy looking at a couple ladies behind us to not thinking he touched her to get her attention. There was a huge zap sound then every hair laid back down totally flat. he got one blurry not great photo before he touched her...better than nothing I guess. The shopping was actually going pretty well until Xander, who hangs out as far as the seat belt will let him trying to grab anything within reach, managed to reach a little display stand of tea boxes. He pulled it down and tea boxes went everywhere, one guy was nice enough to help us pick them all up. Thankfully no one was looking at us like dang watch your kid hehehe.
Hayden's hair LOL

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