Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years is to 2010!!!

It's another quiet New Years Eve for us tonight, just watching the Twilight Zone marathon and will probably hit the sack early. This Holiday will be a lot more fun when the trio are old enough to join in the excitement :) Another year has flown by, I only wished time would have gone by so fast when I was a tween wanting so much to be grown up. I really should have listened all the times my mom told me to enjoy it while it lasts LOL Though I have no complaints to log for 2009, it's been another wonderful year with my hubby and our amazing children. We are so fortunate to have our health, our heads above water on bills and what not, and truly great family and friends....what could I complain about :) Some big changes came this year...the triplets have grown so much, not only do they have some hair now and are eating more that baby oatmeal, but they are walking and talking and into everything LOL. They have helped Jason and I grow a lot too, I am honestly proud of the parents we are...I only hope we are doing as good a job as we strive to. I haven't taken any new pics over the last couple of days so I thought it would be fun to post some blast from the past pics.

The trio 1 year ago...
Handsome boy Xan...this sweet Angel faced boy who now drives me insane with his daredevil tactics.

Funny girl Hayden...I can't believe this is the same girl that has started running to the baby gate that blocks the kitchen and points in at the changing table when you ask her is she has poo'd and needs to be changed hehehe.

Cute Lily least she has a little bit more hair these days.

Fun times...

Happy New Year to all...may 2010 be a good one for everyone!

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Angela said...

Happy New Year! It will be an exciting one!