Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!!!

Thankfully the babies slept through all the fireworks last night and we had a quiet day today, just chilled at home and played. Funny story of the day, Lily had this thing with holding my hand today, she would hold it and not let go for anything. If I handed her something she would take it with her free hand, if I tried to had her something else she would either drop what she had in her other hand or open her mouth for me to place the new item between her teeth LOL. One time she actually grabbed my hand with both of her hands in order to switch which hand was holding mine. Then she thought how fun it would be to go for a little walk about, we walked hand in hand up and down the hall and then round and round....and round the living room. We held hands so long both of us got all sweaty and my back started hurting from stooping to hold her little hand. This went on for hours, I finally managed to get her to use both hands to hold her sippy and thought I was free...nope a min or two later she comes running at me from across the room and grabs my hand and started tugging me for another walk. It was totally adorable...sweet Lily Bug.

A few pics of our travels today :)

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