Thursday, January 7, 2010

We must not go to the Doctors enough.

The trio had their 18 month appointments today, they were so happy to be running around the office, banging on the cabinets and ripping up the paper table cover, just having a great time. Then as soon as the Doctor got near them they had melt downs, they didn't even get any pokes. I don't know why they freaked but it made the appt loads of fun let me tell you. Good news they are all growing very well, and she is not worried that they are eating or drinking too much, whew.
Xander is 29 lbs 85th%, 33 1/2" tall 85th%, 48.5 cm head 75th%.
Hayden is 28 1/2 lbs 90th%, 33" tall 85th%, 46.5 cm head 50th%.
Lily is 27lbs 80th%, 32 3/4" tall 80%, 48 cm head 90th%.
So looking really great there!!!
We also filled out the 18 month ASQ sheets, this tests where they are with fine and gross motor skills, plus speech, problem solving and social skills.
Xander scored very very high on gross motor, he also scored really high on fine motor and problem solving. He however was a tad low on social and very low on speech.
Hayden scored really well on everything, but a tad low social.
Lily scored high on fine motor and problem solving but was a touch low on the others.
The Pedi sent a referral for EI (Early Intervention) for Xander, and though the girls were pretty much fine I asked her to have them evaluated too since we would be doing it with Xander I figured we should get them all checked out. The Doc feels they are probably totally fine the only thing that was very low was Xanders speech and she feels since he is so focused on his motor skills right now that communication has taken a back seat, and that this is not uncommon especially in boys. I am glad to be getting them checked out though, if there is an issue best to get working on it right away.
Some pics from the Doctors office :)
Getting so tall!
Ouch Buddy, your poor eye.

When we got home we had some play time, Hayden was her usual entertaining self, first she held the play phone to her ear and had a little 2 min long jibbering conversation with herself. Next she found a piece of paper that she wasn't supposed to have, since we are still in the everything goes in our mouth phase. Unfortunately for her her sometimes rare kindness got her caught. I just happened to see out of the corner of my eye that she shared something with Lily, and Lily promptly put in her mouth. From my vantage point it looked like some unsavory deal gone bad. Hayden gave half of the paper to Lily, Lily shoved it in her mouth, I jumped up and said what do you girls have. They both spun around and froze staring at me, then I moved toward them and Lily smiled as she tried quickly to swallow this contraband, Hayden spun on her heel to make a fast get away. I was lucky I had back up on this one and I sent Jason chasing down Hayden was was fleeing the scene as fast as her two legs could carry her. I turned my full attention to Lily and managed to get the paper out of her mouth while she laughed at me. Seeing as they were both caught almost immediately I hope they realize a life of crime doesn't look like the right path for them :)
My wee criminals....
Miss Hayden

Trying on their new hats....they hate hats LOL
Bug didn't keep hers on long.

Xander is still recovering from his busted eye, which is still looking worse every day. Though has it slowed him down, perhaps made him think twice about his dangerous and risky behaviors...not a chance hahaha.
Mr. Man showing off his shiners progress.

This is a 24 month sleeper...I can't believe my 18 month olds are so big!
I see you back there...

The work on the conversion of the spare room into an actual bedroom and remodeling our laundry room kicks off tomorrow, I am so excited to get this shouldn't take longer than 3 weeks!
Some more pics...
We are trying to introduce silverware, it's not going too great...they love holding their spoons in one hand...while they eat with their other hand LOL.


RaeSchuft said...

LOVE Xan's moose pajamas! Hazel has the same pair! They were in the boys section but who says girls can't like Moose pjs too?! We have a Samoyed named Moose so we can't resist buying Moose stuff :) Glad to hear they had a good visit, Hazel has her 15 month Monday...

TripMomma said...

Thanks! I love the PJ's too, and I know the girls will end up wearing them too LOL I love Sammy's, they are so pretty :)