Sunday, January 24, 2010

We shouldn't try branching out anymore.*

The last few days we have tried to broaden the trio's meal base, it has not gone well. A few days ago we gave them their first taste of Thai food. It was too spicy...the poor kiddos kept trying it and kept spitting it out and holding their tongues, not to mention the fun diapers we got later. Today they tried enchiladas, Hayden wouldn't touch it...Lily and Xander liked it fine but Lily did have a skin reaction after she rubbed her messy hands all over her face. Thankfully it was gone after her shower tonight. Hayden also managed to tip her highchair over...while she was still buckled in to it. I didn't think it would ever happen, and if it did I never thought it would be one of the girls....that's something our monkey man would do. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, just a bit scared, this may keep her from trying to grab her sisters tray but I doubt it.

Xander getting ready for a quick after dinner shower. The shower had to wait until after the Saints won. Jason said he would never be able to show his face if he was showering babies while the championship game was being decided in over time LOL.

Miss Hayden

Poor Lily Bug.

We are getting closer to being done with the remodel project, the laundry room needs to be painted and have the door hung. The bedroom needs flooring, trim, closet doors hung and to be painted. It will all be done within the next week!!!

The new tile job in the laundry room.

Jason doing some primer painting in the new bedroom.

A little 2 min collage video...a day o fun! A quick look at Xan and Lily going for a little walk, you also get a little of Bug saying her favorite word, UP. She always wants up with us on the couch now :) There is a min of the girls and I doing "Phone Home." It is so cute, at any time during the day they will point their fingers at us, which is a demand for us to touch our finger to theirs...even Xander has started picking it up. Also a brief look at Xan trying to climb the gate, this is our day now, pulling him off the gate by the tv or the one by the kitchen...over and over and over.


Lesley said...

Trying this again... I'm posting this comment for a shy friend that loves your blog but has trouble reading it lately with the black text on the brown background. It looks pretty...just tough to read. Something to take into consideration :-)

TripMomma said...

Thanks for the heads up, sorry it's hard to read. I will be changing the backgroud again very soon :)