Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 'babies' are a year and a half old today!*

When did this happen?!?! Got some pics but I am too tired to add them today, a momma of triplets too tired...I'm being a wuss :) I will be back to flesh out this post tomorrow. OK so I'm still tired but here are the pics and a funny little movie clip.

Silly girls :)

Kisses from my girls

Xan having a little fun in the kitchen too... and O.J. not having much fun with Xan LOL

More playing...
Yeah this sleeper is a tad big...it's a 2T that I accidently grabbed and was too lazy to go find a smaller one hahaha
His eye is looking better.

Miss Hayden in a 24mo sleeper...big kiddos!
Happy Bug

She still doesn't have this lets take a walk thing out of her system yet. I have to admit at times we have started hiding our hands from her LOL

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