Monday, January 4, 2010

Yo, Adrian! It's me, Rocky.

Today was going great until Xander got hurt. He is such a daredevil he has minor falls or bumps all the time. Jason had to run a quick errand...he was gone 20 min and came back to his son sporting a goose egg near his eye. Xan was running around the couch tripped and fell, and caught the corner of his eye on a toy. Right next to his eye was swollen and turning colors before he even picked himself up off the floor, it was sooo fast. I got ice on it for a min or two right when it happened, then another min or two a couple hours later before we put the trio to bed. I will be surprised if it doesn't end up a total black eye, and we have their Doctors appt in a couple days. This will be the first time taking anyone in with a busted eye...poor boy. He did manage to get to playing again right away, and eat a huge dinner an hour later. This boy is a bottomless pit, I swear for the next 17 years all we will see of him is his ass hanging out of the refrigerator LOL.
Owie poor baby :(
After getting changed for bed, Xan shows his Dad what happened. You could totally tell we was explaining to his Dad that he shoulda seen the other guy hehehe.
Some after dinner play time.
His two fav things, food and sports :)
See always in the kitchen....he only wishes there was some real food in there.
The girls getting a tickle attack :)
Bug still loving the wagon, she is also getting out of control with these walks. The kid must be some kind of excersice nut, I just wonder what she is trying to tell me since I am always her chosen partner.
Xan getting a little before bed ice....I can't wait to see how it looks tomorrow.


RaeSchuft said...

Katrina, Hazel did the same thing just after her first birthday...She hit the very same area next to her eye and it did turn into quite a shiner... We too had a doctor's appointment that week... So, in we walk with our one year old who's got a black eye! Lol I'm sure it will be the first of many injuries! Hope Xan feels better soon!

TripMomma said...

Hahaha thanks for that...glad to know I am not the only one with an accident prone kid :)