Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three times the shrill, but oh so happy, screams!!!*

I always try to keep my videos short but this is too funny to make too short. I hope you have a few min. to watch some of the wild and crazy fun going on over here :)
OK it is a bit over 3 min long but I think it's worth the time. Just to prep you this was about 7:45 tonight, they go to bed at 8pm. We were getting them changed for bed, when we got them undressed they went apeshit LMAO.

Oh and here are a couple pics of Rocky the morning after his big fight with the floor LOL
Here is a 1 min video of Xander having some wagon fun. Just look at the crazy stunts he pulls, look Ma no hands, no wonder he has a black eye LOL

In other news I got the 1st 'blog to book' project done...the first 6mo of my blog is now a 74 page, 174 picture, hardback book! Can't wait for it to get here...I have already started on book 2, 7-12mo :)

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