Saturday, January 30, 2010

Xander, put the cat down.

First let me say O.J. was not harmed, and the dumb kitty could have ran away at any time, in fact I grabbed him and moved him away twice but he kept coming back for more. Xander really wants to pick O.J. up and walk around with him, the cat is almost as big as did not go as he hoped. I will not say O.J. had any fun but to his credit he did not meow, hiss or try to bite even once....he is such a sweet cat.

Our new bedroom is coming along, I don't think we will be finished tomorrow but should be done by Wednesday! It's looking so good, Hayden got to peek in today...this was the look on my face the first time I saw it too LOL.

We got a kitty door put into the laundry room door, the trio thought it was lots of fun :)


Taryn said...

I had to laugh at the pictures with the cat. Our poor cat put up with so much of that when mine were younger too. Now that they're older she will get mad when they pick her up. I guess she figures she's put in her time. lol

TripMomma said...

LOL I bet she does feel that way, I think O.J. might too soon enough :)