Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love playing with my kids!

We had such a fun evening tonight. First we had a little tea party, the trio got this cute tea set from Grandma for Christmas, when you tip the pot to pour it makes noise like tea is pouring out. The trio actually will act like they are pouring into our cups...their aim is not perfect though they try to get the spout in the cups. Then we all drink and they make cute little gulp noises and sometimes say "ahhh" after they take a drink LOL. They also make fake eating noises when they play with their play food, it is so funny to see them pretend play. After our spot of tea we all had dinner, I must say the triplets have made us an eat dinner at the table together family, and I really like it! After dinner Lily grabbed my hand to take a few laps, after a min or two my back was getting tired so I made a hand off to Jason and then he and Lily made a few laps. This was the first time she had done the walk with him and he was so funny, he looked back at me and said "she really holds on, she is going to cut off the circulation." After a few laps they walked over to the kitchen and he asked Lily if they were stopping for a drink after their long walk. Next we read a couple books, Hayden can now say 'book' though the 'k' is not really there, it sounds more like a 'boop' or something. Xander and Lily went to trying to eat their books so Hayden was the only one that got quality time trying to "read" her book. Lily Bug and Xan got tired of watching Hayden play with a book when they couldn't so they went about making their own fun. Xan got in this little school bus wagon thing, which he does all the time and every now and then we will pull him around a little. It's not made for kids to ride in it but for a min or two it's safe and he loves it. This time Lily grabbed the handle and tried with all her might to pull him, she is maybe 28 lbs and he is probably 30 lbs so it was quite the feat, she did manage to move it a couple inches but to really get it moving Dad pushed from behind. Little Bug thought she was She-Ra and both of them had huge smiles. They had so much fun and sure wore themselves out, 8pm they were in bed and right to sleep.

Our beautiful, if shaggy, Miss Hayden. I know lots of little girls with less hair than Hayden who always have cute bows or bands or pony's in their hair. The word hate does not quite cover Hayden's feelings on us messing with her hair. Though I need to make more of an effort....maybe she will get used to it.

Wagon time...look at how much fun they are having!!!

Kitchen and push toy fun.

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