Monday, January 25, 2010

What's in a name?

The Multiples and More question of the week is,
How did you choose your multiples' names?

Did you stick with family names? Nope, not at all. Honestly I am not a fan of giving babies someone else's name to honor them...just not my thing. This may stem from me and my mother sharing first names...I have always HATED it, I haven't gone by my legal name since I was old enough to ask people to call me by my nickname. I actually went to a baby name website and went through each letter page by page, I wrote down any name that peaked my interest. It took like a week to get through the whole site, I then went back through my list and crossed off any that I wouldn't really use. Next it was Jason's turn, I gave him my list and watched as he massacred it with a big black pen. He crossed off so many I had to interrupt and make sure he was actually reading the names LOL From there we picked first and middle names, we had come up with 3 full boy names and 3 full girl names, since we didn't know yet what we were having.

How do you feel about "matchy" names? We wouldn't have been against similar names but wanted to avoid too matchy or rhyming names at all costs.

Did you worry about their names "coordinating?" No, we didn't worry about that at all, being triplets they coordinate enough. This is probably why we hardly ever dress the girls alike too...they need to be their own people :)

Did you name your babies before you met them, or wait until you saw them to assign names? We picked their names as soon as we learned their genders, at 15 weeks. Xander was easy he was our only boy, for the girls it wasn't much harder. Hayden was Baby B and on my right side, Lily was Baby C and on my left, Xander was laying across the bottom of my belly so they were sort of in a 'U' shape. Hayden was bigger and very very active, always beating up on me, Lily was smaller and way more mellow. So Hayden got the name that too us was more tomboyish perhaps and Lily got the little princess name. The names totally fit them too, Hayden is very much the busy, active, physical girl and Lily Bug is our little princess, hates getting dirty and loves snuggling in laps.

What were your second choices? Xander was almost was very close, when deciding on Hayden's name we also liked Hannah very much, and 2nd to Lily was maybe Katelyn.

Did you consider the popularity of a name as a deciding factor? No we never did research popularity at all. If we had Lily Isabella may not have been what we went with for Lily, poor girl both her names are in the top 10, but we do love the names and they totally fit her. Xander Dominic and Hayden Cheyenne were not too popular at all.

In other news....
Xander almost broke his leg today...then he almost broke Lily's leg. He has found yet another thing to mess with. The vent cover in our living room floor has become a new toy, it was something they messed with a lot when the baby jail was up but then Jason glued it down...well Xander found out that the glue is no longer holding it. So he keeps removing it and of course his little accomplice Lily is right by his side, they both fell in the hole. I guess they don't have the whole cause and effect thing down quite yet. Xander has also taken to throwing the silverware out of the drawer when he is perched up on the baby gate. He can just reach that drawer, as we have secured the others near the gate...with duct tape. We have a whole bunch of baby locks but Jason is taking his sweet time putting them on. I asked him AGAIN last night and he said to me "I've been looking for them so I can put them on" HA I said "Yeah our house is so big they could be anywhere." Those that haven't been over, this is dripping with sarcasm as our house is pretty small and it's hard to lose anything LOL. Hopefully he will find them soon so the trashy duct tape can be retired. Hayden has figured out she needs help when she accidently hits a button on the remote and it pauses their cartoon or changes the channel, she rushes the remote to me so I can fix the situation.

Lots of pics from this morning...

My cute little PITA's...

My girlies. Hayden actually let me get a little pony in her hair this morning. By let me I mean her kicking, fighting, biting, screaming and crying was held to a minimum LMAO.

A little behind the kitchen fun.

Hayden playing with the remote...she is about to bring it to me because she hit pause.

Serious Bug.

Xan thinks a sneaky round about way to the kitchen gate is going to fool me.

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Dorinda said...

Stopping by from M&M. Great story on their names! And very cute pictures too - so adorable :)